Gracie Glanfield

Tree Tops – Inspired by Anne Frank

The hum from the bees and the song of the birds,

Is like nature’s own little lullaby.

Walking onwards and entering the woods,

I feel the wind blowing in my face.

I sit under an old oak tree and pull out my ruby red diary.

Then, I start sketching the tree tops.

Half an hour later...

I finished my sketch and started to write:

I’m lying on the forest floor,

Looking at the tree tops,

I wish I could come here more,

but for now I hope this never stops!

The sun is coming through the leaves,

In little shafts of light.

I’m fascinated by how it weaves,

Through the holes to make it bright!

I smell the dampness in the air,

You could feel the dust.

Little toadstools everywhere,

Brushing your legs off is a must!

I’m still here lying on the floor,

Still looking at the tree tops,

Still wishing I could come here more,

But sadly now… this is where… my poem… stops

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