The Committee

Leonard Daniels (Chairman)

Leonard Daniels MBE (Chairman)

Leonard became a Commercial Property and Finance Consultant in London for over 45 years before retiring in 2009. He has had 2 years training in counselling skills with the Institute of Psychosynthesis, London, before being trained in-depth with Dr Marshall Rosenberg, Clinical Psychologist and the founder of Non Violent Communication (NVC). Subsequantly, Leonard has worked with Marshall, both experientially and creatively in England, Northern & Southern Ireland, Israel and Switzerland, as well as becoming a founder member of NVC UK.

The organisations & people with whom he has worked with & trained include; legal & commercial companies, the English & Israeli police, communities in Northern & Southern Ireland, Israelis & Palestinians, Restorative Justice, Teachers/Students in Primary & Secondary schools, Universities, people both individually & collectively, Somerset County Council Education Department, Somerset College and the NHS in London & Kent.

In 2007, Leonard became a founder Committee Member of the Association of South West Mediators (ASWM) and Public Governor at the start of the Taunton & Somerset NHS Foundation Trust at Musgrove Park Hospital in 2006. He has recently completed his maximum term of 9 years in a row, becoming a Musgrove Partner.

He is the joint Founder and Chairman of Somerset Anne Frank Youth Awards and a Committee Member of Somerset Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE) of Somerset County Council. As well as this, Leonard is also a Committee Member of the Independent Advisory Group (IAG) of the West Somerset, Avon & Somerset police.

Due to all of his work in the community, Leonard was included in the 2021 New Years Honours list, awarding him with the title of Leonard Daniels MBE.

Tom Winchester (Vice-Chairman)

Tom Winchester (Vice-Chairman)

Tom was the proud recipient of a Group Award in 2014 whilst he was a member of Bridgwater College Academy's Peer Mediators. He was also nominated for an Individual Award in 2016 for leading the group as their Senior Mediator, before joining the Committee at the age of 16.

Tom has experience in fundraising, raising around £10,000 for a charity close to his heart before joining us at Somerset Anne Frank Youth Awards. Tom works closely with the Awards' Social Media, Website & Marketing, and communications,  as well as being Vice-Chairman.

Carol Baker (Treasurer)

Carol Lady Baker (Treasurer)

Carol grew up in Sussex and studied Industrial Design at Chelsea Art School in London where she was also a Governor at Oliver Goldsmith Primary School in Peckham, South London.

She was married to Nicholas Baker who subsequently became MP for North Dorset from 1979 until his death in 1997, during which time she was a Governor at Castle Court School, Corfe Mullen and Clayesmore School, Iwerne Minster.

Carol has been involved on the Kairos Wing at HMP The Verne, Weymouth relating to Restorative Justice and participated in the ‘Listening Course’ in 2011, organised by the Diocese of Gloucester whilst living in Cheltenham.

Madi Bouchta (Social Media Manager)

Madi is a current student at Bridgwater and Taunton College, studying the International Baccalaureate. When she’s not nose deep in a book, she’s on-stage performing in local musicals, pantomimes and plays. With a passion for writing, she won the 2023 16-18 Creative Writing Award, and hopes to write many a book in the future.

Since joining, Madi has expressed a keen interest in Social Media, with a lot of fresh and creative ideas. Taking over the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels, you're sure to see her personality shine through the latest posts.

Becky Cunningham

Becky Cunningham (Committee Member & Photographer)

Becky is a lively, energetic, enthusiastic and creative individual who enjoys working hard and to a high standard. After studying Media for a year at Bridgwater & Taunton College, she switched over to Photography, which she studied for 2 years before going freelance with her service.

Her goal is to become a Journalist or Fashion Photographer and with a portfolio filled with Fashion, Sport, Food and Body Art, Becky is full of determination to make it in the industry.

From the moment a camera was placed into her hands, Becky has always loved taking photos of everything and everyone willing. Self-motivated by this, she cannot wait to use her skills and experience on Somerset Anne Frank Youth Awards committee, helping with Publicity and Social Media.

Jenny Harding

Jenny Harding (Committee Member)

Jenny is a qualified Home Economist and Psychology graduate who has lived and taught in the South West since 1980. As well as this, she has gone back to education and is currently studying for a couselling course at Bridgwater & Taunton College.

In 2003 she set up a Peer Mediation and Mentoring Scheme in her school and this continues to be an award winning success. It was when her students won the Group Award in 2012 that Jenny joined the Committee.

Jessica Witchall

Jessica Witchell (Committee Member)

Jessica is currently the Education Officer at Wells Cathedral, providing activities for the schools and families that visit. As part of this role, she organises large multi-school events that explore global justice and diversity issues.

Jessica has worked with children and young people for 23 years, with a particular focus on youth-led initiatives and raising awareness about global issues. During this time she has worked with Reading International Solidarity Centre, Somerset’s Global Learning & Development Education Centre and Somerset Racial Equality Council.

Jessica is delighted to be part of Somerset Anne Frank Youth Awards and working with us to recognise the contributions that creative & compassionate young people make in Somerset. She also looks forward to building a connection between SAFYA and Wells Cathedral.

Sarah Blake

Sarah Blake (Committee Member)

Sarah runs a training business, 'Blake Training', with her husband, Rob, in Somerset. She is a qualified Food Technologist which now involves food safety and catering.

Sarah has been involved in voluntary children and youth work for over 25 years, previously working in roles such as the Sedgemoor Deanery Youth Development Worker and the College Chaplain at Bridgwater & Taunton College. Sarah has always found it a privilege to work with children and young people and it was due to this that she became a member of the committee.

Neve  Champion (Committee Member)

Neve is a teaching assistant at Northgate Primary School in Bridgwater. She has twice entered the Creative Writing Awards and aims to share this passion with the young minds in the work she does.

Neve has always enjoyed English and creative writing, and is very excited to be involved in all aspects of Somerset Anne Frank Youth Awards.

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