2021 Awards

After a 5 year absence due to many unforseen circumstances, Somerset Anne Frank Youth Awards (SAFYAs) were relaunched on 14th July 2021 at Wells Cathedral.

Many young people from all across Somerset were nominated for these prestigious awards, with the majority of them being able to attend the physical event, albeit in a socially distanced manner.

2021 saw a total of 9 different schools from across the County being represented in the final shortlist, with schools from North Somerset as well as Bath & North East Somerset being invited to nominate for the first time.

Guest speakers on the night included Tom Winchester (Vice-Chairman of Somerset Anne Frank Youth Awards and compère for the event), The Very Reverend Dr John Davies (Dean of Wells Cathedral), Annie Maw (HM Lord-Lieutenant of Somerset & Patron of Somerset Anne Frank Youth Awards), Mike Prior (former Police Area Commander for the County of Somerset & Somerset Anne Frank Youth Awards committee member) as well Andrea Pyle & Dominique Curtis (the late Paul Heim's Daughters).

The 2021 SAFYA Winners:

Ben Madeley - Actively Opposing Discrimination, Bullying and Prejudice

"I would like to nominate Ben for being a caring, thoughtful, kind and highly considerate member of our school community. He thinks of others before himself and always looks out for those more vulnerable students. He is highly supportive of others and is very proactive in his role both as President of our School Student Parliament and as an Anti-Bullying Ambassador. In these roles, Ben drives our inclusion and equal rights agenda. He works in collaboration with staff and students both in our school and across our federation to make sure that schools are safe, happy places where everyone feels respected and valued.

Ben will often be the voice for students who are feeling upset and not able to express themselves very well. He ensures that staff are made aware of any concerns or issues that these students might have. I have observed Ben tending to students who are upset, anxious or isolated. His awareness of others and levels of empathy are beyond anything I have observed in someone of his age. He is a true champion for the underdog.

Ben is held in very high regard by myself and all of my colleagues here at Broadoak Academy. We know that we can ask him to support any student in class or on the playground and that he will always be happy to help and do whatever he can to make a positive difference. Ben even asks us how we are feeling and is genuinely interested in our well-being too. How lovely it to be greeted in such a way by such a warm and friendly young man on a daily basis.

At home, Ben has been caring for his Dad and older sister who have both been struggling with some very serious health issues. This has often been very challenging for Ben but he shown a great deal of resilience throughout. I also happen to know that at the local church, Ben will circulate amongst the older folk to check in with them and make sure that they are well. He does this of his own accord, without any prompting and the old folks are very fond of him indeed.

Ben is a rock to so many people and such a lovely young man. He is a credit to our school and to his family. It gives me great pleasure to nominate him for the Somerset Anne Frank Youth Awards." ~  Adam Knight, Head of Year 

Abbie Parfrey - Supporting and Caring for Others in Need

"I would like to nominate Abbie Parfrey for the Anne Frank Youth Awards, for supporting and caring for others in need.

Abbie has always been a caring and thoughtful daughter who goes above and beyond to help others.

When Abbie was born she has two sisters, Gabriella and Kaitlyn. Unfortunately, life was really challenging for us as a family, Kaitlyn was in intensive care on a ventilator due to her lungs collapsing after having radio therapy for a spinal tumour. This meant that the first year of Abbie’s life was spent on hospital wards, where normal one year olds would of been learning through play and going to soft plays Abbie was learning how to help Kaitlyn transfer from her bed to her wheelchair as well as helping me with her needs on a daily basis.

Growing up while Gabriella was at school, Abbie supported Kaitlyn in her every day tasks, she grew up a lot faster then most children as life was very challenging. Abbie is now 13 and Kaitlyn is 16, throughout the years Abbie has helped Kaitlyn complete tasks such as getting in and out of the shower, transferring on and off the toilet, even getting dressed but she does all of these things as part of everyday life and doesn’t realise that what she has been doing is actually helping Kaitlyn have a better quality of life. It is second nature to Abbie she never complains and has always been extremely helpful.

Kaitlyn has grown up to be a strong young lady who is confident and will not let her disability rule her, she has achieved a lot in her life so far and I believe this is largely down to always having her sisters support. When the girls were growing up we had a caravan in North Devon, Kaitlyn and Abbie were very close and made lots of friends, they would go out to play around the camp site everyday. Abbie would always make sure that Kaitlyn was included she would push her in her chair to ensure she was part of the games and if the other children wanted to go to the park Abbie would again push her to the park as well as helping her transfer on and off the swings. She would always make sure Kaitlyn was able to be a part of what ever they were doing and she would do this without even thinking about it.

Over the years we have spent many weeks in hospitals, spending lots of birthdays and even Christmas’ at the bottom of a hospital bed. Kaitlyn would have to take part in daily physio sessions which she hated but Abbie was always along side her also doing the physio making sure that Kaitlyn was not alone and showing support.

Gabriella, Abbie’s other sister was diagnosed with anxiety and depression 2 years ago and even with everything Abbie does at home for Kaitlyn she supports Gabriella with out even realising it. When Gabriella is having a bad day and doesn’t want to get out of bed I have found Abbie sitting on Gabriella’s bedroom floor making her laugh and just sitting and talking to her, she is always thinking about how she can help and if Gabriella hasn’t eaten Abbie will cook her some food.

Abbie has a good school life, but does struggle with friendships. I would really like to nominate her for all the help and support she has shown over the years so that she knows she is a helpful, thoughtful, caring and loving person. I believe that she thinks about others and how they are feeling but she forgets to think about her self and can sometimes lose friends due to her spending time with her sisters instead of meeting up with friends.

Abbie is an amazing daughter and loving sister who we are very proud of." ~ Kristina Parfrey, Mother

Milly King - Working within Conflict Resolution and Social Inclusion

"Milly always going out of her way to care for and to help others.

During lockdown, Milly raised over £1000 to the little princess trust and cut off 16 inches of her hair to donate, after never having more than half an inch off at a haircut throughout her life.

Milly was so worried about her grandparents being alone and missing people during lockdown, she has rung them or Face Timed them every single day to make sure they are ok, also making and sending gifts to her other Nanny who lives in Weymouth as we couldn’t get to see her.

Milly also noticed that some elderly neighbours on our street didn’t seem to have anyone visiting their doorsteps or waving through the windows, so she made some cards to tell them how beautiful their gardens looked just to cheer them up while they were shielding. One couple even stuck it in their window with a note saying thank you and how it had made them smile.

Milly cares so much about people not feeling alone and feeling sad, she has become an anti-bullying ambassador in her school, taking part in the Diana awards anti bullying training. Milly is also an environmental rep at her school, making sure she is also caring for our world. She is also one of the charity reps at school, helping to come up with ideas of how to raise money for different charities and Milly has just recently joined Saltford Wombles to litter pick to keep our community clean.

All of these choices are made all by herself, just because she wants our world to be a better place and for the people in it to be kind.

Milly is one of the humblest, kind, caring people I know, she has, over this last year, suffered with her own health and even had to have an operation, but she has always kept a smile on her face, remembering to be positive, and often tells me that there are people in a worst position that her.

Milly would be such a worthy winner of this award as she is an inspiration to everyone she meets. I couldn’t be prouder to call Milly my daughter." ~  Emma King, Mother

Ben Madeley - Paul Heim Award


To see images from the 2021 SAFYAs, please see our gallery page.

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