Eleanor Motion

Oh, what a sight it was.

The waves crashed peacefully on the glittering sand. The little rock’s and minerals blasted into the ground. Waves washing away all the mistakes we make. Oh, what a sight it was.

The beaming rays of light lit up my heart with hope. Beautiful just beautiful. The flickering waves of hope filled the trees, the grass and flowers. Oh, what a sight it was.

The wind rustled each strand of my hair. The light breeze glided through the leaves on each branch of my tree, my tree of believing in each day, my tree of life. The memories of joy and wonder. Oh, what a sight it was.

The sun hid, the wind turned cold, the tree died. The memories of my parents taken away in seconds. My world was rocked. Where did the love go? Taken away in a flash. The cold rainy day is glued in my mind. The clickety clacks of the train is fixed in repressed memories. Dogs barking and soldiers shouting is always on my consciousness. Oh, what a sight it was.

A cold breeze brushed my neck, thoughts of death filled my head. The memories of stepping on the little skull, the crake it made under my foot. Shivers still go down my spine. Oh, what sight it was.

The blue and white stripes, white and blue stripes. Oh, how I hated those blue and white stripes. The uniform of my life. Once happy. Once full of wonder. Once free. Magical thing freedom is. Taken away in a blink of an eye. Where has my life gone? Will I be free again? Thoughts of freedom gave me a glimmer of hope. Oh, what a sight it was.

The land of death. The land of misery. The land of worthless, defeated, helpless “humans”. The whistles of nightmares still ringing in my head. My shattered dreams of hope and joy. What has life come to? Oh, what a sight it was.

Despite all of my horrific memories my delicate, graceful, fragile tree of life is bearing new shoots, blossoming once again. My new chapter of life has begun leaving all the mournful days with no courage behind me. It has now led me to sitting by my enchanting tree “looking at the sky, the clouds, the moon and the stars really does make me feel calm and hopeful. Nature makes me feel humble and ready to face every day with courage.” Oh, what a sight it was.

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