A Pile of Rubble – India Reed

The city was now just a pile of rubble.

The city that she had once known to be a city of glory, hope and courage was now a city of despair, emptiness and hopelessness. 

Broken bricks lay scattered over the remains of houses, and shattered glass showered the area, a finish to the carnage.

A barrage of destruction.

A glimpse of hell soaring through the ash stricken sky, fire somehow creeping into every corner, every nook and cranny.

They said, there was nothing.

She said, there was something.

Because, if there was nothing, you would not see anything.

You would see only darkness, only fear descending down, wrapping you in its matter lacking cloak.

They saw nothing.

But she saw something.

She saw her hope, she saw the hope of others, she saw a way out. 

She knew that she could help them; she felt that she could give them even more hope with every part of her childish mind, but she just didn’t know how.

They still said, there was nothing.

But she said, there was even more.

She saw what was left; all the buildings and families that were left.

 She saw that the glass was half full, not half empty.

But still, they saw nothing.

But she saw everything.

So she left it to them to open their eyes.

She told them to look, to see the beauty that was left. All the people still living, all the houses still standing.

She told them to find the flowers that were still blowing, she told them to find the fields they were blowing in, and she told them to look.

She said, there was something.

And they agreed.  

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