Benjamin Hunt

Analysis of the quote

The quote “Looking at the sky, the clouds, the moon and the stars really does make me feel calm and hopeful… Nature makes me feel humble and ready to face every day with courage.” was written by Anne Frank. She expresses this love for nature and how it is a soothing and calming presence that relaxes the mind and spirit. This is conveyed when she says, ‘Nature makes me feel humble’. highlights Anne Frank’s amassing perseverance and thought process as, many people in her situation would not think to write about the world outside and its beauty but would focus on their fear and paranoia. Whereas Anne Frank focuses on what keeps her going which I feel shows her maturity and mindset at which she goes about her life. ‘looking at the sky, the clouds, the moon and the stars really does make me feel calm and hopeful’. This I feel really portrays her way of thinking and processing the world around her. Anne Frank was caught in a terrible place pinned into the annex by the oppressing and sickening rule of Adolf Hitler. Even though she knew the horrifying truth of the camps she pushed it out of her mind and focused on the positives. This shows how strong she was during her time of struggle and is an inspiration to everyone that no matter how dire your life or situations, there are always positives and beauty to be found in nature wherever you look in the world. This statement to me is so powerful as it shows how resilient Anne was and how in this horrendous scenarios she kept her head held high through it all, some people of her age might of gone crazy by the constant threat of being discovered. In her writing you see this amazing maturity and incredible way of seeing things. Also, through her writing she creates this amazing perspective of the war, this shows how her mind processed the war and everyday life in the annex. It is truly a remarkable piece of literacy that perfectly captures the call to the Jews in hiding yearning to get outside again and how the beautiful world we live in gave them hope.

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