Sofia Sartain-Walker

Her Patch of Sky

She’s been there for so long that her name is lost. She can’t quite picture where ‘there’ is. Stars light up the cave which is lonely and sad, illuminating the rocky prison where she is held. The stars and sky are her twinkling friends, all her memories gone with time.

All knowledge is lost except that which she most regrets. She never asked for it, the information that was meant to remain secret. Her grandfather’s last words told her of the dragons and where they could be found. That’s why she was taken; sweet innocence locked away forever.

Rats and mice never came, the dragon’s appetites controlled that. Birds, bats and fireflies visit her every night. They are familiar with her and never feel fear at her approach. Shooting stars bring calm and happiness to her every time they soar over the small, jagged patch of sky that she can see but not touch. Sometimes, gusts of sweet, fresh air surround her; filling her with the courage and patience to face each day as it slowly crawls by.

The dragons bring her food and water, unaware of the visits that make her days enjoyable even though she is caged. Her animal friends light up her evenings with joy; wing beats create quiet, careful laughter as free as the chirping of the birds who swoop in. The more nature comes, the more she is hopeful to one day escape and be part of it. Until that day she would tolerate her dark prison with the help of her heart-lifting friends.

Awaiting the evening she decided to rest, looking forward to another night of twittering, wing beat, twinkles and buzzing. Happiness flickered through her heart, spreading through the chilly, lonesome cave and making it warm.

298 words

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