Sarah Rowley

Simplicity is Beauty

The good days are a rare wish and we should try and make the best of them, no matter our circumstances. We can and should, always find Beauty and hope in our surroundings. Just look from trees to skies and from the birds to our words and from the flowers to the bees, and from the bees to the seas. They seem so vastly different and yet we and they are all connected. All of us are made from the same singular substance, cut from the same cloth. We all share feelings and emotions, not all ways the same experience but the same unwavering floods of sensations. Whether it’s that cold warmth on the first day of winter or the first tear that roll down your face at the first heartbreak you experienced or the overwhelming anxiety that comes with the sense of being alone even though there are 7 billion people on our planet. When you look at all these things you can see and feel, the beauty of this world that we share connects us, and is around us. And if we can find beauty in a single plant or creature or feeling, that was a past moment, then there must be hope. In every word we say; every thought we think, every person we meet and everything that’s passed unnoticed. Never- give up because there is always hope when there is beauty and in this world, we live in there's more beauty than we can appreciate. And if you can’t find it down here then look up, beauty is abundant from the stars in the sky to the moon and from the moon to the sun which keeps all of our solar systems in perfect alignment. There is nothing more natural- more perfect and more magnificent than the beauty of our own Earth - are only Little lives. For if we can find the light in the sky then surely you can find it down here. And when you do you will feel ‘ calm and hopeful’ because nature makes us ‘feel humble and ready to face every day with courage’.

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