Rainielle Mangabat

When death, the demise of a mind,

Occurs it seems that God is blind.

The comfort of others seem to fade

It comes to realisation

Life is a charade.

This happened to me just seconds ago today

Just like that, she disappeared to a place faraway.

The day new but is despondent and dismal

How passers by look at me in a way that is abysmal.

Me, sitting on a park bench, drowning in thought

And the idea of my behaviour and whatnot

Came into perspective and I assessed it

But this will not be discontinued until I benefit

Then people catch my eye and make me stare,

But they didn't regard my existence

As if I wasn't even there.

They just played and joked around

This just carried on and it didn't die down.

"How oblivious those children are,

How they can't sense sorrow from afar!"

I bellowed this in irritation and pique

But then I suddenly felt unsteady and weak

I woke up from my slumber soon after

And thought about life in the hereafter

How life is endless and has equality and peace

But first, she was stabbed and drenched in cerise

A death horrendous and macabre

How dare that devilish robber!

He killed a beloved being who we held dear

But instead of an apology, a mocking jeer.

I looked at a mirror and looked some more

Until I saw my conscience- my mentor.

Two beings vile and divine

My decision ranging from dire to benign.

They discussed in detail and persuaded me

Convincing me to act either dejected or esprit.

I'm concealed and hidden in a depression,

My happiness was put under repression.

But it is necessary, is it what I need?

Is depression and sorrow to impede?

No. Goodness and virtue is left and only it.

My persona differed as it succeeding to acquit.

But death is irreversible and this won't modify

Despite us continually having to whimper and cry

But I am now prospering due to the answer that I gave

And therefore I am no longer misery's slave.

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