Previous Nominees of the Individual Award

Every nomination is carefully considered by our committee members.

Some of our previous nominees of the Individual Awards are listed below along with their testimonials. They are exceptional young people that deserve to be commended for the work they do.


"I was nominated for the award for helping my friend a lot as he is blind. Winning the award was amazing but I feel like I didn't win the award for me, I won it for both of us. On top of this, it was an honour to be presented the trophy by Anne Frank's step-sister Eva Schloss, that was the highlight for me." ~ Megan

"Being nominated for an award such as this is an amazing achievement in itself. Knowing that the work I do has been recognised is an unbelievable feeling and I'm very grateful. I work hard to combat bullying, discrimination and prejudice in my school and it's such a good feeling knowing that you're helping others." ~ Sam

"Winning the award is one of the highlights of my life so far. To get an invite to such an event and hearing your story being read out in front of everyone is an amazing feeling! I was nominated because of all of the work I do both inside and outside of school, leading a team of peers to make the school a better and more comfortable place for the younger students coming up to year 7. Knowing that my teacher has seen the extra work and dedication I put in has encouraged me to continue to work hard and encourage others to do the same - it really does make a difference!" ~ Tom

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