Previous Nominees of the Group Awards

Every nomination is carefully considered by our committee members.

Our previous nominees of the Group Awards are listed below. They are exceptional young groups of people that deserve to be commended for the work they do.


"Winning the award was an amazing experience for both our team and as individuals. The ceremony was an amazing experience; it definitely helped bring us closer together and to work harder to come up with new ideas based on everything that the Awards stand for!" ~ Kirsty

"Being part of the awards process really makes you think about her experience; what she went through at such a young age. Then you realise how many 'Anne Franks' there are in this world." ~ Gemma

"We wanted to open communication in a safe space for staff and students to actively tackle discrimination. Winning the Group Award made us feel seen and heard for the first time. It gave us the chance to prove to others that we were serious about inclusivity and that our space was important. It may have all started with a small group, but it grew into something wonderful with the help and encouragement that the committee gave us." ~ Sophie

"As a pupil in year 9, my group of mediators were lucky enough to be nominated for, and win the Group Award. Along with the nomination, we got the experience fo being able to walk up to the stage proudly, as a team, and collect the trophy that we won. The guest speakers were inspirational and the whole experience really encouraged us as a team to push on." ~ Amy

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