Mason Toland

Dear Kitty,
Looking at the sky, the clouds, the moon and the stars really does make me feel calm and hopeful. Nature makes me feel humble and ready to face every day with courage. I need courage for times like these, I’m worried that I may be sent to one of those wretched camps. I have heard horrible things about them. However, I cannot confirm if those rumours are true. I just cannot shake the feeling that something bad will happen soon, it’s as if it involves death. I would just like to thank you Kitty for listening to me for all this time, even when others won’t. I always look at nature, it helps me feel calm and helps me to relax and try not to worry about anything too much. I wish I could go back outside. However, Mother tells me it is not safe to go out there, because it is far too dangerous for a girl like me to go out, especially when there have been recent air strikes. I wish I could understand why the Germans are wanting to bomb this place, wouldn’t they want peace? Or is that something that should never be accomplished? I will probably never know the answers to any of these questions that constantly travel through my mind. Another thing I should tell you is why I like nature so much. I like nature because it almost seems like a release from my worries, maybe something better is waiting for us as a society up there? Possibly. I don’t know. I’ll never know. The sky surely holds some sort of secret, right? I mean no-one has been up there. I wonder what waits for us above, will it be decided when we die? It’s a mystery, new things are always being discovered about nature. It makes me feel humble and ready to face the day with courage because I do wonder how animals like cats and dogs can co-exist with each other, yet we cannot. Is this something that other people wonder? I wonder if people feel the same way I do about nature. Am I the only one that wonders how nature is always surrounding us. Why would the Nazi’s want to destroy something so peaceful and humble? The beauty of nature should be preserved, not torn down by people as a result of conflict.

Yours Faithfully, Anne Frank.

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