Lucy Groves

My thoughts racing in my head.
People being hurt for no reason.
Helpless children being wiped out.
Nazis hunting Jews.

I pray for one last chance
To see the world around me.
With no suffering or crying.
To explore the wilderness.
Beyond my wildest dreams.

I close my eyes every night
And think about when it’s over.
Think of the turquoise Sky above me.
Think of my future.

Beauty is nature
I have seen the passing seasons
Spring, summer, autumn, winter.

Spring glistens with life
Making new plant every second
Summer jumps with light
As you hear excited children playing.

Autumn’s colours bloom into action
Russel red, burnt orange and amber
Winter is white with snow.
Snowflakes drifting steadily down the sky.
“Nature makes me feel humble
And ready to face every day with courage.”

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