Lily Davies

Our world is a strange place, full of so many different people and so many different emotions. I find it mind boggling that people's beliefs are so varied and we all have another side to ourselves, mostly dark but occasionally, you may hopefully find a good side to one’s soul. The grey world that surrounds me is unfamiliar, a dark cloud looms over this alien place and I, well I am lost.

I wake up to a land deprived of colour but flourishing in grey, a land which has let so many people down however, I am a lucky one, the only one. The only way to live is to escape to a happy place, to lose your mind and let hope be your best friend. To hide is to live however if you can’t live the way you want, is there any point at all? My life is like a constant conveyor belt, one that leads me nowhere -

just a straight line with an ever-distancing horizon. I am stuck in this dark world but still I have to find a way to escape, and my way, well my way is to draw; to paint the places I am yet to explore, to dream about new corners of the world and to lose myself in my own imagination. I do this because I have to, otherwise I cannot

find my happiness. The colours in my world are the three colours in my palette, red, blue, green the colours that portray my life the best; anger, security, envy. A new day is a new place, a new day to lose myself in my imagination, the rolling green hills, the turquoise blue sea and the coloured creatures that own the land. I

have learnt to block out my imperfect surroundings, the grey walls around me change to beautiful pictures, everything can change with a little hope, a dream.

The world that we live in is a marvellous place, they way we live together as a society, the way we rely on each other. However what if we can’t rely on each other, what if we are slowly fading away from each other? I feel that I cannot rely on anyone left around me and the beauty, well the beauty is being eroded away every second but I can still, somehow find my happiness.

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