Lilly Lavelle-Sullivan

Anne Frank’s Diary

July 5th 1942:

I love nature so much. I wake up in the morning thinking about nature and birds and butterflies and cats and dogs and dragonflies: I like all nature (apart from pesky little things like flies and ants.
I suppose, I like ants, I like watching them carry bits of leaf and making their home tidy. Although, I wouldn’t like being in a big colony, It’s bad enough having to live with my sister, margot (who’s 16)
She thinks she’s the boss of me, telling me what to do 24/7.

I love nature. Once I asked my best friend Jacqueline Van Maarsen (Jacque) what her fave animal was - she was telling me, but I was In a world of my own, thinking “ If I was an animal, what would It be?”
And then I knew… I would be a butterfly. I was thinking about their colourful wings and their tickly legs and the soft beating of the wings.
If I were a butterfly, I would fly to all the places I would like to go,and sit on the tops of trees and buildings and watch people from down below.
I just made something rhyme!!!!

Another thing I like is the night,like the stars and the moon and the trees.
I feel connected to nature,almost as if I was born to nature. I mean, my mum is still my mum,and my dad is still my dad, but I feel as If nature is also my mum or my dad - you know I feel as if I am the mother of nature.
I also feel as if the trees talk to me and the moon watches over me and the stars make me feel sparky and bright and calm.

Nature makes me feel ready to face everyday with courage and makes me feel calm and hopeful.
Looking at the sky makes me feel serene and relaxed, looking at the blueness of the sky and the white clouds makes me feel soothed and looking at the clouds move, makes me feel as if I am moving too,
right through all of the cities and towns and villages and soaring all the way to London and visiting all the shops that sell all of the sexy black crop tops and the ripped jeans.
I’m in China now.
Anyway,I’ve got to go now...

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