Isabelle Burgess

Our Atmosphere

The moon shining down on me, it’s a full moon.

Everything is silent apart from an owl in the distance,

The only light source is the moon,

A car zooms past, and I fall over,

The smell of flowers consumes me.

I soon get home and look in my telescope at the stars.

Millions of stars shining on me,

Walking down the unlit lane,

The only thing I have is the stars,

The wind blowing in my hair,

I fell over again,

The smell of mud covers me like a blanket,

I stand back up and put my cotton-feeling hat back on,

A lovely day with the blue sky,

New clouds begin to form,

Nearly every cloud looks like candy floss,

Every time I look away I see more clouds,

Fun games, counting clouds

Rain is a long way off my home,

A cloud covers the distance,

Nice people waving from next door,

Knocking on my friend’s door to say hello

A drop of hope falls into my heart,

As I realise I have something following me,

Not someone not something,

I realize it was courage,

Anyone can have courage

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