George Chilcott

The Moon, The Clouds and The Stars

                  looking At the sky,

the clouds, the mooN

                             aNd the stars,

    they give me hopE.

                     all the Franks are Jews

                  nazi GerRmany

                              hAters of Jews

  they went into hidiNg

                  they thinK they did well but they got caught

                  the stars Shine so bright

                                The white dots

     some think of relAtives

      some think of buRning ball of gas.

                                 Shine on.

                           the Moon

              some think Of cheese

different shapes and Oh...

                    the mooN be yourself

                      cotton Candy

                              baLls of whiteness

                                 On the earth

                             yoU see them

                 fluffy clouDs

                          cloudS be yourself.

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