Cassia Pickford

6th of July 1942
Dear Kitty,
What would I do without you! Today has been rough, but I still have you!

Earlier,I gazed up at the peaceful apple trees dancing in the gentle breeze, looking calm. Surviving is easy for them so surely it should be easy for humans. Outside the flowers don't look bothered,unlike my frantic family. Its trauma,yet the nature compromises making me feel humble. Facing the world is easy,once nature has been seen with its untroubled ways. For some reason,my family doesn't look positively. Although, I understand that the infuriating Nazis are shouting at us but the nature is still there waiting. Waiting, to be appreciated. Outside I look hopeful, inside I start to worry.

The beauty should definitely be endured by you Kitty, me and everybody. Most people take it for granted but I think it's there to be appreciated. The smiling apple trees carry on dancing joyfully with the flowers singing their cheerful tune. Whilst in the cramped annex, everyone is scared to step out of our door in fear of the cruel Nazis. We are all panic-stricken, whenever we see a Nazi march by with their face like tomatoes from infinite anger. Furiously crushing anything in its way, from flowers to what it seems like people. It If we ever do walk around town, it's with those ugly stars. Although, with nature I feel free. The crystal-clear sky, the mysterious moon, the twinkling stars make me feel calm and hopeful.

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