Beauty - Henry Tucker

Beauty - 

The lime green trees

Beauty -

The sparkling stars

Beauty -

The glistening moon

But beauty fades away

And the Gestapo approach

The bookshelf that holds secrets 

Secrets locked tight 

Secrets that should never be revealed



Pray for God’s help

Reach -

Reach for Kitty 

Your only trusted friend 

You write from your heart

Your heart willed with hope 

Then your time up

 You have to leave

You have to leave Kitty behind 

Then someone will know

You step down those stairs 

Scared of your fate 

Shoved into that dull, blank vehicle

You feel like all the hope and beauty has been sucked out of the world

Then you remember what you wrote as you travel towards death’s door

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy”

Then death’s door slams shut 

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