Anne Frank - Ruby Gazzard

I wait,

Wait for the large, bright moon

To shine into my tiny secret room

And brighten up the dark, scary night

I listen,

Listen to the creepy chimes

Of the tall tower clock

The tower clock that stares into my window

I watch,

I watch as the colossal sun

Falls deep down far from sight

And as the shining stars

Rise up into the gloomy sky

I’m scared

Scared of the frightening darkness

Scared of the grey shadows

Scared of the terrifying war

I think of all the beauty

Still left around me

The bright blooming flowers

The wonderful wide world

I  dream,

I keep on dreaming

Dreaming of the natural beauty of our world

Dreaming of the amazing animals

Wondering what else is outside?

I’m happy

Happy to think of all the beauty still left around me.

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