Anne Frank Diary - Noah Gazzard

Dear Diary,

I am happy for what I have which is more than some people I know but I just want the war to be over which is probably never going to happen. The stars are my only light in the world but it’s good enough for me and every day I am hoping for the war to be over,

In the night, I go up to the attic and make-do with the stars and write everything down in you Kitty. Without you, Kitty, I don’t know what I would do. The Nazis are looking for my family, hunting us down. If they find us we will have to go to a concentration camp so we would probably die.

Yet there is beauty left around me and I am happy that there is. I can see the trees around me and they are bright green and grow apples. In the day time, I can see the shining sun out of my window. The outside world is so enjoyable but I am stuck in this house. When the war is over I can run wild in the exciting world that I haven’t explored yet. My hopes are high for the terrible war to end as it has been on for so long. I can’t wait to explore the outside world and have loads of fun with Margot.

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